Nyakallo Rejoice Molise

Nyakallo Rejoice Molise

Curriculum Development Specialist

I develop curriculum packages, instructional materials and train teachers on how to use them in way that such packages benefit the Learners

Areas of Interest or Fields of Study

I develop Manage and supervise the design, development and implementation of Curriculum and Teaching and learning materials.

My Wish for Education in Lesotho

I wish education in Lesotho would be of high quality, respond to the current trends in education, be accessible to all and be free.

Where i see NCDC in the next 10 years

As an autonomous Curriculum Centre

Major projects i have worked on in my time at NCDC

Climate Change Awareness, Mitigation and Adaptation, ORASECOM, ESD, ROAD SAFETY, Integrated Catchment Management Systems, Environment (Biosafety, Biotechnology, Catagena Protocol,)

My Favorite Success Quote

“The sky is the limit”

Top three skills needed to succeed in my role

  • GIS
  • ICT
  • Material Design and Development

Departments I continuously collaborate with in my work at NCDC

  • LMS
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Water
  • LRA
  • Central Bank

How can the country better support the work of NCDC?

Provide them with the needed materials, finish implementing their structure, give it autonomy.

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