Mamoshoeshoe Nkuebe

Mamoshoeshoe Nkuebe

Course Editor

I edit all instructional materials

Areas of Interest or Fields of Study

I edit all instructional materials

My Wish for Education in Lesotho

My wish is to see the provision of quality education

Where i see NCDC in the next 10 years

As an autonomous institution

Major projects i have worked on in my time at NCDC

  • Teaching of learners over the media during the COVID pandemic

My Favorite Success Quote

“If others did it i can also do it”

Top three skills needed to succeed in my role

  • Hardwork
  • Dedication
  • Tolerance

Departments I continuously collaborate with in my work at NCDC

  • Ssu
  • Ecol
  • Ldtc

How can the country better support the work of NCDC?

Provision of sufficient funds

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