Designing and developing educational programmes and instructional materials for our community.

The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) in collaboration with the Examination Council of Lesotho (ECoL), National Task Teams/Panels, Teacher training institutions, teacher associations, policy makers and educators in Lesotho identified the need for a new Curriculum that would respond to the changing demands of the education sector.

The two major developments  by the country to the universal and compulsory Basic Education and the launch of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy 2009 (Education for Individual and Social Development) which advocates for integrated Basic Education Curriculum that permits persons with a wide range of abilities to benefit from educational provision at all levels.

Our curriculumns are broken into the following syllabi groups:

Pre - Primary

Pre - Primary Syllabi

This syllabus covers the IECCD – Integrated Early Childhood Care and Development from ages 0-5 years old


Primary Syllabi

The primary Syllabi consists of Grade 1 to Grade 4
and Grade 5 to Grade 7.


Secondary Syllabi

The Secondary Level is compromised of Grades 8, 9,10 and 11Learners will take a minimum of six subjects and a maximum of eight subjects .

Curriculumn Integration


An approach to teaching and learning that is based on both philosophy and practicality, purposefully drawing together knowledge, skills, attitudes and values from within or across subject areas to develop a more powerful understanding of key ideas. Components of the curriculum are connected and related in meaningful ways by both the students and teachers

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